Time to Start Again

Well, its been over two years since I have done any real diet and needless to say, without working on anything, the weight will eventually return and in my case has increased.

I have always said that 300 lbs was my max and I would do some drastic changes when I ever hit that point.  I also always hoped that I would never get to that point.

Unfortunately that is not the case.  I have noticed higher blood pressure, higher hear rates, being more tired and none of my clothes fit anymore.  I don’t want to purchase new larger clothes, since that will mental say that I have been defeated and accept the weight.

It is tough getting help to zip up your wetsuit and it almost takes two people to zip it up.  Its sad and embarrassing.

Also the added stresses of all the ads you see about diabetes, strokes, etc, so that is always on my mind.

A great thing has happened, my insurance has a pre-diabetes plan where they work with different organizations and pay for it.

I have chosen to try Weight Watchers, I have always seen their ads and see some menus that show their points, but, never really checked it out.    So today is the day, first day, weight in at 309 with clothes and I was 306.8 at home.

The plan is to eat the total amount of points you are allowed in a day, which for me I was given 60 points per day.  I started searching for foods and there are lots of foods that I used to eat that have huge points assigned to them.  So I figured I would burn through points very quickly.

I also would drink about 1 soda per day, so I was sure that it would be difficult to cut  that out.

Lets see how it goes!  Change has been overdue!

My reason for this change is to lose weight and not become diabetic.


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