Ailments List

Find out what juice is best for different Ailments

Consult your doctor before starting any juice program. 


Recommended Fruits & Vegetables

Limit or cut out on

Acid   Reflux Green leafy vegetables   and fruit, mint, fennel, prunes, peach or pear juice. Meat, grains, coffee, alcohol, dairy.
Acne Green leafy vegetables   and fruit – cranberry, apple, asparagus, avocado, berries, carrot, celery,   cherry, parsley, strawberry, raspberry, watermelon and wheatgrass. Acid forming foods – meat, dairy, grains, fizzy drinks,   alcohol, wheat, coffee. Nightshade family (tomato, aubergine, peppers,   potato). Gluten, tobacco.
Allergies Alfalfa, celery, parsley, pumpkin.


Anemia Blackberry, beetroot,   raspberry, prune, kiwi, mango, kale, peppers, watercress, broccoli, carrots,   cauliflower, cucumber, green pepper, courgete, asparagus, fennel, ginger,   mint, parsley, mushrooms, onions, pinach, avocado, apricot, cherry, apples,   bananas, nectarine, pear, cantaloupe, grapes, lemon, lime, peach, strawberry,   tomato and wheatgrass.
Anorexia Green leafy vegetables   like spinach, kale and watercress. Seeds like pumpkin, sunflower, sesame.   Gooseberries and tomato.
Arthritis Pineapple, cherry,   watermelon, courgette, celery, ginger, grapefruit, lemon, avocado. Meat, grain, cereals, proteins, dairy and animal   products. Nightshade family (aubergine, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers). Tobacco
Asthma Peppermint, citrus   juices, apples and apple juice, carrots, watercress, turnip. All vegetable   juices, especially cucumber and celery. Swimming is highly recommended for   this condition. Dairy products; alcohol; red meat; gluten; smoking;   refined sugars; refined fats.
Cancer Wheatgrass, garlic,   broccoli, beetroot, cabbage, tomato, carrot, peppers, kale, nectarine,   pomegranate, peach, avocado, blueberry, apricot kernels, strawberry, orange   and celery. Cigarettes, alcohol, processed foods, dairy, refined   sugar and refined fats.
Cellulite Cucumber, watercress,   fennel, parsley, apple, celery, ginger, cabbage and carrot. Alcohol, refined foods, high   saturated fats.
Cholesterol Garlic, apple,   avocado, cabbage and all fruits and vegetables. Processed foods, refined sugar,   refined carbohydrates, refined fats.
Constipation Apples, pears, plums   (blend), prunes (blend), figs, green leafy vegetables and fruit, psyllium   husk, boysenberry, gooseberry and green leafy vegetables. Excess food consumption and   processed food.
Crohn’s   Disease Cantaloupe melon,   nectarine, aloe vera (blend with carrots as do not irritate). Carrot juice,   celery juice and cabbage juice. Fibre
Cloitis Cantaloupe melon,   nectarine, aloe vera; (blend with carrots as not to irritate), bananas   and wheatgrass. Dairy
Diabetes – Type 2 Cabbage, avocado, spinach,   udos oil. Use a higher proportion of vegetables and moderate amounts of sweet   fruit (like apple and pineapple). Pears, as they contain levulose – a fruit   sugar more easily tolerated by people with diabetes. Increase exercise. Refined carbohydrates, processed foods and refined   sugar
Diverticulitis Banana thinned with   aloe vera juice. Similar recommendations to crohns disease, i.e. carrot-   cabbage, carrot-celery, carrot-apple.
Eczema Apples, celery,   cranberry, cucumber, spinach, avocado, asparagus, blueberry, elderberry and   watermelon. Dairy, beef meat products, alcohol, tobacco, orange   juice, vegetables from the nightshade family (tomatoes, peppers, aubergine,   potatoes)
Gout Cucumber, fennel,   alfalfa, cherry, watermelon, blueberry. Meat, dairy, grains, coffee, alcohol
Halitosis Lemon juice, ginger,   garlic and wheatgrass added to juice blends can aid detox. Detox boost and   wheatgrass powder is also helpful. Chew on fresh parsley – this helps to   neutralize the enzymes. Detox recommended. Processed foods
High Blood Pressure Garlic, wheatgrass, broccoli, green leafy vegetables, melon, kiwi, blackberries, celery,  raspberry, parsnip, beetroot with apple base. Fatty foods, refined carbohydrates and processed food
IBS Pea juice served warm,   detox boost, banana and melon. Dairy, bread, processed foods, carbonated drinks and   chewing gum.
Migraine Apples, spinach,   broccoli, cucumber, lemon, ginger. Cheese, chocolate, red wine, wheat, corn, eggs, milk,   shellfish, citrus fruits, coffee and tomatoes
Morning Sickness Lemons, banana, garden   mint, ginger, fennel, raspberry, peach, pear, citrus.
Mucus   Congestion Celery, cucumber, mint, ginger. Dairy products
Osteoporosis Grapefruit, apples,   bananas, avocado, figs, apricots, blueberries, blackberries, blackcurrants,   cantaloupe melon, cherry, cranberry, grape, lemon, lime, mango, nectarine,   orange, peach, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, watermelon, broccoli, kale,   carrots, asparagus, beeroot, celery, courgette, fennel, mint, parsley,   parsnip, watercress and spinach. Carbonated drinks, acidic food, dairy products (they   are made from cows milk designed for calves and calves alone. They are acidic   in an adult human body), refined sugars and fats.
PMS Blueberries,   nectarines, courgettes, fennel, apricots, carrots, avocado and green   leafy vegetables. Raspberry leaf tea is good for cramping. Reduce dairy, meat, sugar, refined carbohydrates
Psoriasis Avocado, Watermelon, Brazil   nuts, EFA’s   (Essential Fatty Acids) found in flax seeds, fish and avocado.   Lecithin granules; ZINC (found in all berries and Brazil nuts); Red Clover and Burdock herb   made into tea drunk twice a day. Sunshine, preferably down at the lowest   place on earth – The Dead Sea, where you have UVC rays as well as UVA and   UVB. Wheatgrass juice, 2 ozs a day.   Vegetable juices, especially cucumber and celery. Drink plenty of water. Tobacco, Tomatoes, white potatoes, aubergine, peppers, paprika, red   meat, dairy, sugar, alcohol. Excessive alcohol consumption is   a major cause for flare-ups and you should cut down or remove from your world   completely. REFINED SUGAR and REFINED FAT should be   used very sparingly. 

Rheumatoid Arthritis Blackberry, cherry,   cabbage, spring greens, watermelon. Courgette and fresh garden mint can help   with the pain and camomile tea offers a calming and anti-inflammatory effect. Dairy
Sore   Throat Blueberry, lemon, passion fruit in a banana smoothie or   apple juice base. Cucumber based juice will be soothing. Camomile and fresh   garden mint tea. Parsley, garlic and wheatgrass.  
Thrush Lettuce, cucumber, celery, lemon, redcurrants,   raspberry, tomato, gooseberry. Friendly bacteria.  
Thyroid Spirulina, chlorella, blue-green algae, cranberry and other berries, radish.  
Ulcers Alfalfa sprouts, elderberry, kohlrabi, rhubarb for skin   ulcers. Cabbage, kale and raspberry for stomach ulcers. Garlic and wheatgrass. Coffee, milk,   alcohol and hot drinks.
Urinary Tract   Infection Cranberry, apple and pineapple juice with optional   banana. Blueberries and passion fruit to sweeten.  
Varicose   Veins All fruits and vegetables.  
Viral Infections Garlic, ginger, blackcurrant, strawberries, bananas,   oranges, lemons and limes.  
Vomiting Cucumber, fennel, mint, basil, citrus. Use apple juice   to sweeten, but cautiously as too much sugar can exacerbate the vomiting.   Also recommended is a course of friendly bacteria.  
Worms Garlic, carrots, coconut water, papaya