Day Five

My plan was to at least complete 10 days, with a hope that I could go much longer.

I am down 8 lbs.  Which is always a big motivator in the morning.  I don’t see much change, but, the scale doesn’t lie right?

I created an online database to track my weight loss, as well as a recipes that I like.  I decided to include all recipes, even some that may not be the healthiest, but, are nice and tasty.  It kind of helps with the not eating part by looking at things and remembering what they did taste like.  There you will find some of the best recipes ever.

The TV is a little evil, seems like I see nothing but fast food ads.  I have to admit, today was hard to resist Carls Jr new fresh baked buns with its six dollar burger.  The temptation was so close today, that I was going to pull in the drive thru, but, the line was 10 cars deep.  Someone was looking out for me.  I was able to make it home, make a juice and the cravings went away.

The food cravings are really not that difficult to overcome.  But my sense of smell has enhanced a bit.  I usually just stop take a few extra deep smells and move on.

I added a sweet potato to a juice and WOW!  it was a great flavor.  I would normally not eat a sweet potato, but juicing it is whole other story.

I did look into drinking warm water with lemon in the morning, so I started that this morning.  It wasn’t that bad and being one of the colder days, it was nice to have.

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